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Dock Job Crew is not a crew agency !

Free classifieds are available to all free and VIP users no matter if you are using Dock Job Crew as a Crew Member,Employer or Business User.Before you will be able to post free classifieds you need to register online and activate your free membership.

Crew members can advertise for free their crew profile by posting a classified.

Please feel free to add your contact details and yacht experience so the private employers can contact you directly.Please add your free classified to category "Available Crew"

Captains/Crew Agencies can post unlimited free classifieds in category "Yacht Jobs" and advertise yacht vacancies.

Business Users can post free classifieds in all categories available and advertise their company 

If you need help you can send us your job offer with all details and we will publish it for you.

No fee required!Please feel free to contact us via e mail:


Apply For Yacht Jobs

Dock Job Crew is not a crew agency and all crew will be able to send their CVs directly to the Captains via their private e mail.

All crew can use Dock Job Crew for free and have direct contact with all Employers.

To use Dock Job Crew as a free crew member you need to add to your profile picture and updated CV other wise your profile will be suspended or deleted from the system.

Free users are not visible to the Employers and they are not able to download your CV and browse your profile (unless they are VIP users) 

Free users will be able to access only public job offers.Some of the Captains do not want to share their contact details with all free users and they post private jobs.To unlock all private jobs you need to become VIP Crew member - you can visit our crew store and choose crew advertising options for your profile with free VIP options !

Good luck to all job hunters ! 

Available Classified

Business Users Advertising Options

Business Users can use some free and some paid advertising options in order to present their companies to our crew and Captains!

Free Advertising Options :

- Post Free Classified - you can add free classified and introduce your company or products to our crew and Captains.

- Exchange of Banner - if you are interested to become a partner with Dock Job Crew we are open for new business opportunities 

Paid Advertising Options:

- Business Page - we will create personal advertising page for your company.You can view an example of Business Page and contact us for more details 

- Access our Crew Data Base - you can have 24/7 access to our crew data and purchase VIP Employer Membership or activate Business Page + Crew Data Access.Please visit our Business Store or our VIP Employer Store