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We are not a crew agency!

We are yacht job social network that give a chance to all Private Employers(crew looking for more crew) to contact directly to all crew members that are looking for Yacht Jobs.DockJobCrew give you the chance to find the best Crew Member For Your Boat With No Fee!

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Once you have your registration on line you will be able to accesses to our data base of a few thousand crew members that are waiting for your call.You can contact all of our CREW .This is how you can change your crew as much as you need,and any time you need new person you can

Registration on line as EMPLOYER will give you the chance to POST JOBS . You e mail and contact details can be hidden or visible to all crew , depend on your preferences . Once you hide your contact details our crew members will have the free option to send you their CV and you can choose the Appropriate Crew For Your Boat.We believe that all employers will cover any crew expenses and our free social network will not band any employers .... Will be happy to help if you have any questions any

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Wanted Apply For Free - Just Share a Link DockJobCrew give you a chance to contact with all Employers for free once you share a link on your FB,G+,Tw.Get Membership and watch this short vodeo. Advertise Your Profile For Free If you already have profile online DockJobCrew you can advertise your…
Categories: Europe Tags: yacht jobs 
5 hours ago · From admin
We are looking for experience stew for private 22m motor yacht based in South of France.This is seasonal position and russian would be a big plus.If interested please send your CV and references
Categories: Europe Tags: stew job yacht 
6 hours ago · From admin
We are looking for a Cook/Stew Private yacht based in Beaulieu sur Mer1 season experience is a minimum Part of a team of 3Female due to cabin arrangementThe boat is 24 meterStart now and finish end of septembre.Stcw and Eng1 minimumPlease send CV to   After the first 3 d…
Categories: Europe Tags: stew cook france job yacht 
11 hours ago · From Nick Moul
Why? Temp Summer position
We require a deckhand for the summer season in the Med. Start 1st May till 31st October. Candidate must be male & between 21 – 26 years old. Must have STCW 95, ENG. 1 and RYA Yachtmaster Offshore. Be eligible to work in Europe. Fluent in English. Be in Antibes area for interview. Only candidate…
Categories: Europe Tags: deckhand rya yachtmaster job yacht 
2 days ago · From Philippe Dermauw
Looking for very expeienced stew/cook for small charter boat in South of France.This is 50/50 position.Please send your CV only if you are in Soth of France at the moment.Checkable references required too.Thanks to all in advance.   After the first 3 days of free frial …
Categories: Europe Tags: stew cook yacht job boat 
2 days ago · From admin
Experience interior dayworker needed in Genoa for about a week.Previous yacht experience min one season.If you are interested please send your updated CV and references to:   After the first 3 days of free frial you can get Free Memebrship if you share a link. Press h…
Categories: Europe Tags: chief stew daywork interior 
2 days ago · From admin
Looking for experience Bosun for 46m motor yacht currently in Oman.This  is a charter yacht going to South of France for summer 2014.Yachtmaster and navigation experience is a must.If you are interested please send your resume   After the first 3 days of free frial you ca…
Categories: Other Tags: bosun.watchkeeper yacht job 
2 days ago · From admin
Experienced Chief Stew needed for private/charter motor yacht currently in Soth of France.Basic French would be a big plus.This position would be suitable for young and motivated team player ready to give the best of your self every day.No drama queens please.Local candidates ready to start asap.Val…
Categories: Europe Tags: chief stew yacht job crew find 
4 days ago · From admin
OOW Mate needed for private 30+m motor vessel based in Med.This is private but very busy explorer so you must be ready to work hard.Non smokers and team players only.If you would like to apply please send your CV and references to:    After the first 3 days of free frial yo…
Categories: Europe Tags: motor vessel mate job oow 
4 days ago · From admin
Seasonal chef needed for 30+m motor yacht besed in South of France.Salary is 4000/4500Euro depend on experience.We need someone willing to work very hard and when needed to help with fenders and docking.If you are interested please send your CV,references and menu plan   After t…
Categories: Europe Tags: chef yacht job menu 
4 days ago · From admin
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