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Let Us Make Your Banner For Free -Activate it Only If You Want !  1.Get free Crew Banner made from DockJobCrew.Simply send your CV to  2.Once you see your Crew Banner you can activate it by Choosing a Membership  3.Activate your Crew Banner For Free - Write a short (1 word format page)essay about yourself and your yacht experience and you send it to us we will publish it.We can include some of your pictures and u tube video presentation of yourself too.If intere…
106 days ago · From Admin Help
Download Crew Cvs  Become VIP Employer Now You can Download Crew CVs only if you are VIP Employer. To do this you need to change your membership . Here is a short video of : How to Post Jobs and Download Crew CVs  You can also post Jobs any time you need crew. If you would like to get CVs on your Email you can Post Yacht Jobs Now! You can also post yacht jobs using Ticker Ads and you can only show your profile but not e mail.This is how the crew will add you as a friend and you can g…
107 days ago · From Admin Help
Make Your Post Featured Crew Members can post featured advertise for their crew availability and get the Captains attention.When you purchase featured advertise you will be able to add your photo,video (you may add video presentation of your self),files (your CV and references). After you post your advertise our admin will approve it and will publish it. If you choose the free package your advertise will not be published. The price for 10 days is $5 for featured ads. Private Captains,Chief…
109 days ago · From Admin Help
Video Presentation is a product created from DockJobCrew for advertising of your Business or Product. This is a short video made with special software that allows us to make a professional video clip advertising your Business. This is an example of a video made for advertising a Crew Banner: To purchase your video presentation please contact us on and tell about your company and product. We will contact you for more details.
111 days ago · From Admin Help
Video-Article is a product that can be made from you or from DockJobCrew. If you have article and video already that you simply want to publish pls send us your info on and we will publish it for you.This is a free option. If you would like to get an article for your business or crew profile you can purchase it and we will create your article and a short video. Contact us on and we will send you the details.
111 days ago · From Admin Help
Private/charter motor yacht is looking for temp  crew chef with min 2-3 years yacht experience.We are about to cross to US so candidates should have valid STCW,ENG1 and B1/B2.Drama free boat.We need s…
SOF, France
28 minutes ago
Charter motor yacht cruising in The Bahamas is looking for experienced couple Deckhand / Stewardess for up coming charters. Deckhand - You need to have excellent tender driving skills and feel confide…
Ft Lauderdale, United States
35 minutes ago
52 minutes ago
We are looking for experienced stew/masseuse for 47m motor yacht currently located in Ft Lauderdale.You need to have valid STCW95,ENG1 and be ready to join us this week latest next week.Good service s…
Ft Lauderdale, United States
53 minutes ago
This membership is appropriate for all memberships online will be able to apply for yacht jobs and all Captains will be able to Download Crew CVs
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Busy charter motor yacht is looking for deckhand and stewardess with min one season yacht experience and currently located in South of France. Deckhand - you need to have valid STCW,ENG1 min.Will consider candidates with day work only if you are fast learner and you are ready to start asap and give …
Categories: Europe
92 days ago · From Post Jobs For Free
Looking for a Head chef for 45M M/Y. Position to be filled immediately in SOF, contract till October, possibly further. Preffered style of dining French/Italian Mediterranean/contemporary. Looking for a very competent chef, great attitude with previous head chef/Sole chef experience on similar size …
Categories: Europe
101 days ago · From Post Jobs For Free
60m Motor yacht is looking for junior stew to join our team as soon as possible in New York.Min qualifications required - STCW and service/housekeeking background.You need to be fast learner and have "can do"attitude.Bubbly personality and hard workers only.No drama queen needed.If you are intereste…
Categories: USA
94 days ago · From Post Jobs For Free
Private/charter motor yacht based in Monaco is looking for experienced FRENCH/ENGLISH SPEAKING solo stew to join our team in Monaco.You need to have min one season yacht exerience and valid STCW and ENG1.Bubbly personality and "can do"attitude.Candidates located in Med will be considered for this po…
Categories: Europe
93 days ago · From Post Jobs For Free
Private motor yacht in South Of France is looking for solo steward(ess).Live in or live out position.You need to have min one season yacht experience and have valid STCW.Work permit for EU.French language is a big plus. If you are interested please send your CV  Note Fro…
Categories: Europe
101 days ago · From Post Jobs For Free
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Shores and waters of the Emerald Coast, the island of Maddalena, are so lovely and clean, that Brian Benjamin - a member of the race and the boat owner Aegir - believes that when God invented sailing He had in mind exactly… Sardinia
31 days ago
Each year the best representatives of Europe participate in a small shipbuilding contest called „The Oscars of water sports". Among those contestants are the winners of the international competition European Powerboat 2014.
34 days ago
Have you ever dreamed to sail on a luxury yacht to explore the world, but you’ve never had enough money to do it? If you think that luxury cruises around the Caribbean, the Mediterranean or South Pacific are only for mega-rich, think twice. Today it is the right time to look for a job as a kind of a… working passenger. Now is the best time for people with little or no sailing experience to find their dreamwork. The number of private yachts in the world increased progressively in recent years and the demand for new crew members becomes larger than ever.
39 days ago
Fort Lauderdale is still a desirable tourist destination for many reasons. This approximately small resort, located about 40 kilometers from Miami, is famous not only for its interesting architecture and numerous monuments. The small township is traversed by a number of channels on the banks upon which one can see luxury villas rising. From their large windows, it’s a common thing to see a huge snow-white liner passing by, followed by a luxurious replica of a pirate schooner dated to… 17 century. So, for locals it is more than natural along with mandatory car to own a sailing yacht or motor boat to sail down the picturesque water highways. Namely for all lovers of the luxury waterways annually everyone can see an outstanding local boat show. We mean exclusive models at exceptional prices.
41 days ago
Here, again we are approaching the most significant event in the world of yacht industry. Traditionally, it will be held in Monaco, Port Hercule, located just the opposite the new local yacht club. Due to the great interest shown lately and the increased number of participants additional 400 square meters of shore along the harbor will be used and so the total exhibition area will be of 650sq. m.
44 days ago
If you are looking for yacht job you already know that it's not so easy to find one. The best way is to get your CV delivered directly to the Captains desk.This is how the Captain will decide if you have enough qualifications or not and if he is ready to take you and work with you for the next season he will have your contact details
127 days ago
Becoming a sailor, you do not only get used to a special world of the yacht - steel, stuffed with machinery, wires, sails, tackle, railings, but also to the unpredictably changeable ocean and weather, which cannot be ignored even for a minute. One must get used to the environment of the other crew members, including the place, where the responsibilities of each are strictly defined by his or her job duties. On the board of the yacht it’s crystal clear who is who and what are everyone’s duties 24 hours a day.
132 days ago
Yachting industry is unlike any other, firstly for the simple reason that the work is not related to a standard working daytime. In this aspect, it is not about just having a job, but to change your habits and lifestyle completely. To work seven days a week, 24 hours per day and carried on your own shoulders a huge responsibility - this naturally does not suit everyone.
132 days ago
Usually the conversations about yacht crew and qualifications are quite common among persons who are not so familiar with the subject. Perhaps for this reason, those who are unfamiliar with the business pay more attention to the protagonists like the figures of the captain, boatswain mechanic, sailors. In fact, those are really the main authorities, who are directly responsible for the proper management, navigation and operation of maritime vessel.
134 days ago
We understand that each yacht owner has its own specific needs and preferences of the crew. Executive recruiters know this well and rely heavily on personal contacts, which they have been created over the years. These contacts ensure that they will be able to choose a qualified and experienced crew for any yacht in demand. Moreover, they take care of all the details associated with crew - crew contracts, wages, and travelling to and from the boat.
135 days ago
It turns out that this is one of the main problems riches have. Well trained and discrete members of yacht crews are difficult to find and in an effort to fill this niche labor on the market various training courses are available for retraining. They have people from all over the world attained, including the ex USSR satellite countries. They all look for yacht jobs available.
258 days ago
Though it looks that he hasn’t taken seriously the naming of the vessel, the owner of a new 41-meter yacht Mondo Marine, Nameless was guided by quite different reasons. We think that is not so important after all. The most important thing is that we are speaking about a yacht unique in many other ways.
258 days ago
We are talking about owners who have great experience in yachting and, guided by his passion, were sailing multiple different parts of the world over the past 35 years. Therefore, the construction CaryAli yacht was a challenge testing talents and skills of marine architects, shipping yard and interior designer.
269 days ago
Florida Strait is not only a water corridor between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. It's warm current, which is part of the famous Gulf Stream, creates challenging conditions for a comparatively new sport who is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays - free swimming in open water.
272 days ago
One feels something special when he sees Loretta Anne for the first time and could not take his eyes off her. Launched in March 2012, this 47-meter elegant yacht was designed by Dubois UK - based yacht designers and naval architects.
276 days ago
Over twelve years ago, we have a tendency to begin producing the safest world cruising sailing boat that might be planned ever. TRIBE launched, and pioneered in a brand new high performance cruising sailing boat section.
279 days ago
The ShowBoats Design Awards 2013 determine the final ranking of super yachts 60 – meters+ launched in the previous year. Naturally, the level of the nominees was really high. The contestants might possess not only good-looking and eye catching designs, but a perfect structure and shape of the hull.
279 days ago
Benetti has introduced the new forty seven meters FB 502 superyacht genus Panthera, whose modern vogue is at the same time both flashy and stylish.
283 days ago
When creating its flagship Monte Carlo Yachts has once again rejected the concept of "build and sell" in favor of "feel and offer". Only this time it made ​​it even louder than usual. Level of customization, and the breadth of choice of materials for the 26 - meter yacht is the same as that might be in the 100 - meter one.
293 days ago
Launched in 2006 by Platinum Yachts, Dubai is the world’s third largest personal yacht. Dubai’s unimaginable size is disguised by the elegant lines of her steel hull and Al construction – the work of illustrious designer Andrew Winch. Her beautiful interior was designed by Platinum YachThe construction of this megayacht began for blue blood Jefri Bolkiah of sultanate over ten years before the yacht’s launch.
293 days ago
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Posted by Admin Help
Please feel free to aks questions or contact me if you need any help
19.07.2014 17:52
Create your free employer profile online and post yacht jobs for free or you ca use this free "test drive"Employer Profile and log in:user name-Employer,pass 12345
20.07.2014 12:32
thank you! I'm looking for a job. I'm a stewardess. I have 4 years experience as a stewardess / deckhand / babysitter / cook in S / Y and M / Y, I am in Sicily now. Fluent English and good Spanish. I discovered your website through facebook I am available immediately
20.07.2014 13:57
Posted by Admin Help
Hi Ginerva,DockJobCrew wish you good luck with your job hunting...
30.07.2014 22:22
Posted by Chris O'Connell
31.07.2014 00:15
Posted by Admin Help
Hi Chris, your CV is visible to all VIP Employers.To be visible to all Free and VIP Employers you can purchase Crew Banner and advertise your Crew Profile
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