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Many yacht job seekers and employers are trying to avoid the recruiting agents and meet directly in the social media websites like Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. Looks like the yachting industry is changing some of the old fashion rules in the recruiting process and if you aware of this it will be very beneficial in your job search.
186 days ago
Did you know that you have less than 20 seconds to impress the employer with your CV before it goes to the garbage?
324 days ago
Meet the latest interior crew members looking for yacht job in Med and US.Get to know them better and feel free to contact then directly.Download their CVs or send private messages/live chat.
472 days ago
You can contact directly the latest Head Chefs and Sous Chefs and get to know then better.
472 days ago
Meet the latest yacht crew looking for jobs and contact all crew directly.Post your job offers for free and get yacht CVs directly to your email.
472 days ago
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